Joe Gonzalez

Single Page Landing Site Development, Project Management, & Support Services

Landing Page site development

Beautiful, clean, simple landing pages. Small business owners often need a web presence but not a large website. Having a single page website gives your customers all the basic information you want to share with them while giving you online visibility. Get in touch and find out if this might be the solution for you and your business. Check out The Digital Calling Card to learn more about this service.

Project Management

Are you currently struggling with a operational or workflow issue in your business that you can't find a solution for? I specialize in analyzing work processes and offer solutions to help streamline operational workflow for you and your team.

Monthly web analytics

Your website may already be gathering monthly analytics but understanding it and how you can leverage the data may be unclear. I can provide a short term consultation to help you better understand the details of what the analytics are, and how you can integrate this information into your marketing and social media campaigns.

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